1991 - ////
Visual / Product designer.
Born in China, made in Italy.
I am definitely not a purist, and I found empowerment in my ‘bastard‘ background, both as personal identity and as a designer.
- In design I believe. -
I was educated that ‘the designers are the only people who are really going to save the world‘, but with time I learned to discard the heroism, but still I consolidated the idea that our ultimate goal is to eventually change the world, one spoon at time.
I have a strong belief in what I call “the honesty within objects”. We live in a critical era lacking in values, and design should not hide it but state it clearly.
We are withnessing a highly consumeristic reality, where the objects content is progressively fading away, reason why we surround ourselves with empty shells that are a reflection of our incommunicability.
Design should offer people hope and trust, and educate them to build more sincere relationships, both with objects and with other human beings.
Therefore, my aim as a designer is to reverse this self-destructive process, by creating products that can make these values self-explanatory, through a deeper understanding of the innate expressive potential of the materials and advanced forms of functional aesthetic. I want to create objects that can help people to cherish emotions of simple daily gestures that we have already given for granted.
Maybe 26 years are too few to say more about, after all.