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AsiaGo – Concept packaging

"Asiago" is a line of snack with the Italian Asiago DOP cheese as the main ingredient, reimagining this product, already full of tradition and cultural value by itself, in a modern context and closer to the new needs of consumer users, more and more accustomed to the practice of fast meals.

The design of the characteristic packaging is studied to fulfill this specific purpose, a fast consumption of a product rich of nutrients. For this reason, the simple action of tearing off the upper tab is the only one required to open the package, and thanks to its folding mechanism it is easy to reveal and pull out the cheese, already cut into slices without touching them with hands, respecting the hygiene and at the same time facilitating the sharing of the snack in good company. The side flap also becomes a sauce tray to serve seasoning in sachet already included in each pack of the snack.

The triangular shape of the snack is the result of a study on the geometrical possibilities to cut the traditional shape of the Asiago cheese, in order to achieve a final product with an original aesthetic but also producing less waste as possible at the same time.