Envac project represents the starting point of our research on “waste” topic. The service offered by the company is unquestionably an innovative solution for waste management for a better urban waste management. While the service is adaptive and very flexible to the environment where is installed, the brand identity and the products offers are not. The company needed a upgrade and a redesign of entire products system.

Our incremental design is aimed to create a new inlet system that is modular and upgradable, that also performs a flexible and adaptive identity that completes the company’s visual language. The Inlets is divided into 3 components, each one includes different functionality and customizable features, aside of the standardized core structure that unify all the segments of products.

We explored all the environments where the inlets are usually located, and we focused on the materials and moods that better represent these environments. Based on these considerations we designed different collections of “shells”, creating a highly adaptive system of products that allows maximum customization while reducing the cost.

(Project developed with Amir Arsalam Shams Abady)